Vclinic Services for Doctors

Introducing & Communicating in Digital World

VClinic's Digital Marketing services lead to the creation, facilitation and improvement of patient-physician communication, online. VClinic presents the physician's professional competencies and services in cyberspace and creates an initial relationship between the patient and the physician.

Online Booking System, Exclusive & Stand Alone

With the Practice Management Panel, the clerk has access to all the booked turns information online. On the other hand, with the possibility of inserting offline bookings into the software, the office's time discipline creates a valuable sense and experience for patients.

Practice Management Software, Efficiency & Peace

Patients' turn management activities, informing patients, paraclinical requirements, basic accounting, etc. The needs of the secretary and office manager are available in the integrated VClinic Practice Management system.

Electronic Medical & Health Record Management

Using the VClinic's specialized EHR software, reaching to the complete knowledge of the process of the clinical trial will be possible for the physician. Also, the use of cloud technology is guaranteeing information security and confidentiality.

Online Consulting with Physicians Network & Professors

Send the summary of your patient's status simply with just one click to refer to your professor or colleague. Access to the patient past medical history, and make critical records available to the patient's physician network.

Aside of You in a Smarter Treatment Way

Frequently using the electronic health record management software, by training the AI's core, will help you to manage patients follow up and get precise medicine. Your relationship with the patient will continue during the treatment and post-treatment.

Our Team

Mohammad Sadegh Houshmand

CEO and Founder

Elnur Naghinezhad


Kiyan Shalileh

Growth Manager

Borna Barahimi

Back-end Developer

Homa Fekri

Front-end Developer

Asma Amiri


Zahra Yasemi

Product Owner