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EMR and Practice management software platform

Follow-up, treatment data management for private practices

In-person booking & visit

Online booking & visit

E-prescription issuing

7 X 24 support


The patient communicates directly with doctors, confidently knowing that the appointment he makes online will be registered in the system immediately for the doctor's secretary. The physician is satisfied that from the first visit to the patient, he / she can be satisfied with keeping all the patient's complaints, medical records and previous illnesses in his / her office's dedicated electronic file to more accurately manage the care process. Social enables the issuance of electronic prescriptions without slowing down the visit process, and after leaving the office, the patient can view electronic prescription in the My-vClinic application and provide it for receiving medicine or paraclinical services. Viclinic is beside you in all stages of treatment and after treatment.


Connecting to Insurances

We are connecting to insurance in different countries.


Prescribe a treatment plan with a few clicks and there is no need for time-consuming searches and memorization of medicine and service codes.


You can easily practice telemedicine.

Online booking

Ability to make online appointments on the dedicated website of the doctor or clinic without the need to change the website.

Practice Management

Ability to integrate and manage all office processes online through web and cloud software.

7 X 24 Support

Instant and online support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even during patient visits.

Patient care profile

Creating an electronic file for the patient to facilitate and improve the treatment process, the ability to upload files and record records.

Handwriting detection

With the help of artificial intelligence and handwriting recognition tools, you no longer need to type to prescribe an electronic version.

In-perseson & virtual visit

The patient can choose one of the methods of video and face-to-face visit during the appointment

Heathworker panel for Doctor and secretary

Depending on the needs of the office or clinic, a special panel is provided to the doctor and secretary to manage the office well.

َlogin from computer, tablet and mobile phone

Visit the patient on your computer, tablet and mobile phone without the need to install software and form EMR and e-prescription.


  • Do I need any special tools to use the Vclinic practice management platform?

    No, Vclinic is completely online and does not require special tools to run, and the doctor can connect to the system from anywhere and anytime.

  • Is Vclinic just an online visiting system?

    No, this platform is hybrid and it does not matter if the patient visits the doctor's office in person and requests an online visit in the next visits or requests an online visit from the beginning and at the doctor's discretion, the next steps will be visited in person in the office. All these processes are embedded in the Vclinic.

  • What happens if I run into problems during a visit?

    Vclinic support team is ready to provide online support, you can click on online assistance.

  • Is it possible for the patient to pay online?

    Yes, they can pay by credit cards.

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